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Press Release June 5, 2014

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Press Release June 5, 2014

Holistic Treatment for Substance Addictions

dohi Center for Well-being is now accepting new clients

Gettysburg, PA, June 5, 2014:  dohi Center for Well-being, LLC, owned and operated by Gettysburg residents, Timothy R. Test, Sr., Ph.D., N.D.,  and Charlotte M. Test, N.D., BAPSY, as a Pennsylvania licensed Drug and Alcohol Outpatient Facility, is now accepting new clients with substance use disorders (SUD), and co-occurring disorders for drug-free treatment.  Located at 233 West High Street in Gettysburg, dohi Center for Well-being is a facility for receiving holistic services in natural wellness, including mental health counseling, Naturopathy, meditation workshops, rehabilitation and wellness coaching, as well as other complimentary therapies.  The peaceful atmosphere of dohi Center and the skill of the providers offers the opportunity for clients to receive treatment discreetly while they engage in health transformation activities that everyone benefits from regardless of their healing needs.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are diseases, not choices.  While people may make choices in consuming an addictive substance, they do not choose to become addicted.  Many times, a chemical dependency is the consequence of long-term use of a medication that leads to abuse of the substance and eventual addiction.  The addiction is often a symptom of deeper underlying issues that are masked by the abused substances.  The more an individual abuses a substance, the more difficult they find it to live without taking the substance.  The person then finds themselves in a pattern of behavior that can ruin every aspect of life, socially, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  The person finds they no longer have harmony and balance in their life.

“At dohi Center for Well-being, we provide the plan for creating harmony and balance in your life.  What makes us remarkable is that we view each person as an important member of society with purpose, not as the disease.  After all, the dis-ease a person is experiencing, however it manifests, is an external expression of an internal imbalance”, says Charlotte Test, the project’s director at dohi Center.   Dr. Timothy Test, the chief clinical director adds that “often, people with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders can feel stigmatized, labeled, and self-conscious about seeking treatment.  What sets us apart from others is that a person can come here and get help without feeling like everyone else will know why they are here.  As we provide different services, a person can be assured of discreetness and holistic treatment of mind, body, and spirit.”



The skills and knowledge of our team of specialists are at the cutting edge in holistic therapies with the understanding of the link between the mind, body, and spirit.  Our specialists work to meet the individual on his or her initial level, then design a personalized plan for a journey toward total life transformation. Our approach to addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders is based on decades of clinical and scientific research and time-tested methodologies.  We pride ourselves in the support and services we offer to those who struggle with addiction by providing a structure in which they can be successful in recovering and improving their overall well-being.


Mindfullness-based cognitive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing, and the stages of change model have been developed from evidence-based practices.  These models provide us with an engaging, fresh, and interactive approach to improving well-being.  To offer a truly holistic program of an integration of treatments, we incorporate the best practices we find for addiction and mental health with the vital fundamentals of body, mind and spirit wellness.


Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality care while maintaining a comfortable and soothing environment, putting emphasis on the individual rather than the disease label.  We tailor our approach to each client by identifying his or her particular needs from which we create specific individualized plans.


Clients attend support group meetings several times a week and weekly community meetings, in addition to the individual therapy sessions and group sessions at dohi Center, which ensures each client attains the most therapeutic benefits possible.  Each client is empowered to be well.


Several psycho-educational classes are offered, emphasizing the evidenced-based treatment modalities of Mindfulness Meditation, Motivational Interviewing (MI), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Stages of Change, Community Therapy Model, and Systems Thinking.

These classes offer clients the opportunity to assess their current situations, clearly define goals and develop necessary coping skills and strategies.  In addition to these classes, clients may participate in life skills classes, wellness groups, and meditation and fitness groups.


Clients receive at least 1 individual therapy session per week with their primary therapist.


Facilitated by our staff, clients have the opportunity to explore issues and process their efforts in recovering and improving well-being in a safe, peer-supported atmosphere.


One or more family therapy sessions are offered during a client’s treatment. The purpose is to include important people in the treatment process, such as a significant other, child, parent, sibling, friend or employer. This program is educational and therapeutic with respect to helping loved ones understand the process of chemical dependency and how to implement healthy coping strategies — especially when there are feelings of anxiety or fear, or a crisis arises.

Chances for improving well-being and recovery are increased by family participation, and because of this, we ask all clients to encourage family members and/or loved ones to take part. In addition, most of the activities our clients participate in are beneficial to everyone’s health and well-being.  Insight into working aspects of relationships are discussed, as well as areas where changes may occur.


Recovering from addictions and improving well-being involves a lifelong way of living; each client’s primary therapist and case management team assist in developing a continuing care plan.  Upon leaving the services at dohi Center for Well-being, clients are empowered with the appropriate contacts and referrals which help in continuing along the road to healing and enjoying better well-being.

Call us now at 717-334-2433

dohi Center for Well-being

Charlotte Test, ND, BAPSY, D&A Project Director

Timothy R. Test, PhD, ND, Chief Clinical Director


Author: Charlotte Test, N.D., M.A, CLC, M-RAS, CAADC

I've been working in the field of natural medicine for several years; as a traditional Naturopath and Master Herbalist since 2002 and as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner since 1997. I have my Masters Degree in Health Psychology with a Post-Master's in General Psychology concentration in counseling and psychotherapy for mental health and addiction. I am a Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I co-own with my spouse a Pennsylvania state licensed drug and alcohol outpatient facility where we provide therapy for substance abuse and mental health. We provide our clients with a holistic experience in therapy. Our specialties include EMDR, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, and Mindfulness-based approaches.

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