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creating Harmony & Balance in Your Life


Welcome to dohi Well-being!

We are so glad you found us!  We believe all things happen with purpose and it is no mistake that you are here.  At dohi Center you’ll find a truly holistic experience in healing.  Please allow us a little bit of your time to tell you about our center and us.


A little about us…  dohi Center for Well-being is a facility that provides mental and behavioral health, and substance abuse outpatient counseling.  We are licensed by the common wealth of Pennsylvania as a drug and alcohol outpatient facility, while our counselors and therapists providing their services to you are Licensed Professional Counselors or LPCs in progress.  The efforts at dohi Center are brought to you by a remarkable team of behavioral health professionals and headed by Timothy and Charlotte Test, who both bring to dohi Center a wealth of knowledge, experience, and education in Rehabilitation Counseling, Health Psychology, Addictions Counseling, and Naturopathic Medicine.  They have dedicated their lives to helping people achieve optimum health through natural means.  The services provided at dohi Center are built on a foundation of mindfulness and natural living.  Counseling, psychotherapy, and coaching methods are utilized to discover root causes as to why people find themselves in need of betterment of their health and to help them achieve their goals.

Who benefits from coming to dohi Center?  Anyone interested in improving their health, well-being, and/or mental and emotional state.  Our clients include children and adults who are seeking to overcome health issues, mental/emotional/physical, or to develop better coping with stress, their health issues, or other life challenges.  ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, co-occurring disorders, anger and other behaviors are common issues clients find solutions to at dohi Center.  A person-centered approach in therapy is provided primarily in individual sessions, although group therapy is also available.  Visit our Services page for details.

Some insurance companies we are paneled with include OneNet, Optum, Highmark, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare, CorpCare EAP, Medicaid, Wellspan EAP, Mazitti-Sullivan EAP, ESI EAP.  If you do not see your insurance company here, please call us (717-473-4980) because this list may change.  Unfortunately, we are not covered by Medicare at this time.  If funding is not available, we may provide a sliding fee scale for those uninsured or on medicare and low-income.

Now we would like to tell you about the name of our center!  Everything is in a name!  dohi Center for Well-being…  dohi is the tsalagi (Cherokee) word for healthy, peaceful, serene, tranquil.  This one word expressively describes the state of being well.  Does this describe you?

Charlotte Test, N.D., M.A., CLC, M-RAS, CAADC
Timothy Test, N.D., Ph.D., LPC, CRC, MCA, CSC, CCDS

verified by Psychology Today

Contact Us:

Phone 717-473-4980  Fax 717-473-4978

 Welcome to dohi Well-being!


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