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“Emotions move faster than thought and are registered by the heart before the brain. The heart pulses out a rhythmic pattern that reflects our emotional state, transmitting this information to the brain, rest of the body, and even into the environment – via an electromagnetic field.” – quote from HeartMath

What is Biofeedback?

A term that evolved in the 1960’s, Biofeedback is a mind–body technique in which individuals learn how to modify their physiology for the purpose of improving physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  Research and clinical application has demonstrated the value in biofeedback in the treatment of a variety of conditions such as ADHD, addictions, anxiety, chronic pain, concentration, epilepsy, headaches, as well as high blood pressure.  Heart-centered biofeedback has been studied by the HearthMath Institute, further demonstrating the successful treatment of these conditions as well as brain injuries, diabetes, HIV, and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

At dohi Center we provide biofeedback training utilizing the HeartMath emWave Pro during your session; usually in the last 15 to 30 minutes so that you can leave your appointment feeling relaxed.

How Can You Use Biofeedback?

In using HeartMath, you are taught to breathe in a special way while your progress is being monitored for how the biofeedback is providing you benefit.  You can practice this special breathing technique anytime, anywhere you feel it is needed.  This simple three-step practice is called Quick Coherence® (for adults).  Follow these simple instructions and give it a try…

  1. Heart Focus:  Focus your attention on the area around your heart in the center of your chest.  If necessary, place you hand lightly over this area.
  2. Heart Breathing:  Now imagine as you breathe a little deeper and slower than usual that your breath is flowing in and out of this area.
  3. Heart Feeling:  As you maintain heart-focused-breathing, make a sincere effort to activate a positive feeling.  You may recall a positive feeling you had experienced during a time when you felt good inside.  This may involve feelings for another person or a special time.

For more information about Biofeedback and how our services can help you…


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