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What is Coaching for Well-being?

The analogy that it is better to teach someone how to fish rather than to provide them with fish, describes the role of coaching.  Whether the coaching is for health and wellness, career, or lifestyle, the benefits clients receive in empowerment and increased self-efficacy can be utilized in all aspects of their lives.  As Certified Life Coaches we address the needs of the individual, working one on one to help them identify their own unique vision, and to assist them with process of achieving goals that will make their vision a reality.

According to W. Timothy Gallwey, coaching is “the art of creating an environment, through conversation and a way of being, that facilitates the process by which a person can move toward desired goals in a fulfilling manner” (Moore & Tschannen-Moore, 2010).  Coaches collaborate and co-create with their clients who are striving to meet goals, rather than advise or provide therapy to them.  To create an environment and facilitate the process of setting and meeting goals, coaches use an evocative approach, guiding clients without directing them (Moore & Tschannen-Moore, 2010).  Coaches do the listening; clients do the talking.  Only if necessary, coaches provide a minimal amount of advice to clients in how to solve problems.  The process of learning how is empowering which helps develop self-efficacy.  One of most vital objectives of coaching is to assist clients in developing self-efficacy (Moore & Tschannen-Moore, 2010).  Steps taken to develop self-efficacy helps the client take control of their own lives.  Increasing self-efficacy works to empower the client with the belief that there is the possibility for change, which is influential in motivating them to change.

What Can Coaching Do For Your Organization?

As Certified Coaches we are able to address the needs of those that support your organization in all aspects of their lives.  As you are well aware, the well-being of you and your staff has a high potential for impacting your company’s performance, effecting business results, and the commitment for achieving personal and organizational growth and development.  We work with you and your staff to identify your desires in well-being, define your personal and organization’s vision, and develop actionable goals for achieving success.  Most clients want to achieve specific goals that will lead to living a more fulfilling healthy life.  In doing so they are able to help achieve organizational goals as healthy members of the organization.  What sets ours apart from other coaching services is that we design a plan that is specific to the individuals needs which is reflected beneficially in the organization.  We do not use “canned” coaching programs.

We know that you have choices when it comes to choosing coaching services.  Therefore we want to emphasize our education and proficiency.  Dr. Timothy Test is a Certified Coach with a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology and over 60 credits in Post-Doctoral work in Organization and Development, Administration, Life Care Planning, and Health Psychology/Behavioral Medicine.  Charlotte Test, has a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, and is a Certified Coach with an extensive background in Psychology and Natural Wellness.  She is currently working on a post-Master’s certificate in Psychology with doctorate level course work in Addictions.  When you contract with our company, you can rest in confidence that we have the education, experience, and know-how to take your organization to the next level in achieving optimum well-being.

Why Choose Our Coaching Services?

UsGreyPlease allow us to take this time to introduce ourselves and tell you how we help you achieve your organizational goals.  We are Timothy and Charlotte Test, an integrated husband/wife team dedicated and impassioned to help improve the Well-Being of the people in our society and in your organization.

What sets our services apart from other coaching services is that we design a plan that is specific to the individual’s needs rather than sell our clients a self-help program.  We do not provide you with any of the “canned” coaching programs you often see advertised.  Recognizing that people are not “canned”, we prefer to utilize our skills, education, and experience to develop a plan that will address your unique needs.

We also provide our clients with continued support and guidance in the process of achieving goals.  Your success is important to us.

 We look forward to our first session with you.

It is complimentary so contact us to schedule your first session today.


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