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Meridian Energy Therapy

Service Provided by
Charlotte Test, N.D., M.A., RAS
Timothy Test, Ph.D., N.D., LPC

Emotional Freedom Technique


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a holistic modality in natural healing that incorporates meridian stimulation by tapping and affirmation.  EFT can be a valuable tool in psychotherapy, however it is often used by lay-persons as a self-help energy therapy or meridian energy therapy.


The theory behind EFT is that dis-ease or imbalances in well-being are caused by disturbances or disruptions in the body’s energy system.  The founder of EFT (Gary Craig) used the analogy of an appliance such a television going on the fritz to explain the effect of energy disruptions.  These disruptions are often brought about by some type of trauma; physical, mental, emotional, or even spiritual in nature.  By regulating or bringing back to balance these disturbances in the energy system, the imbalances may then be neutralized and the person can once again experience balance in their well-being.

EFT can be utilized at home as a self-help modality.  However, having the opportunity to work with us one on one in a training session, allows you to experience results under our guidance prior to trying it on your own.  We can then draw upon our skills and knowledge in mental health and naturopathy to help you develop specific goals for which  you will be able to use EFT to achieve.  You will be trained to get much better results than you’d expect from learning on your own.

Cost $85 per 1 hour training session.

Contact us to schedule your session.


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