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Youth Behavioral Health – Adolescent Therapy Group

UPDATE: This group is not scheduled. Please refer back to our site for a status on the schedule.


Is your child suffering from anxiety, depression, anger, difficulties in behavior at home or school?

Our Adolescent Therapy Group provides a place for middle school/junior high teens, ages 13 through 16, to discuss topics youth-groupimportant to them such as …

  • family relationships
  • friendships
  • peer pressure
  • self-esteem
  • their future goals
  • adjusting to higher demands at school
  • drugs, alcohol, and tobacco
  • feelings

This is a therapy group facilitated by therapists trained in group and individual psychotherapy.

For decades group therapy has evolved to become a very effective way for a person in need to receive therapy for a variety of behavioral, mental, emotional, and even physical problems.  As children mature into adolescence they become more group minded, influenced by their peers and peer group standards, making our group therapy a natural therapeutic approach for your child.

Our Youth Behavioral Health group meets on Wednesdays from 4 until 5 PM.  This is not an open support group, screening and admission as a client at dohi Center for Well-being is required.  Please call our office at (717)473-4980 or use the form below for information.

dohi Center for Well-being is located at:
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